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on Constant Vauclain



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Dr. A. Constant Vauclain, emeritus professor of music, died at the age of 95 on November 4, 2003.

Dr. Vauclain, W '30, returned to Penn to complete his Ph.D. in composition in 1947, following studies in composition with Rosario Scalero at the Curtis Institute of Music. He then joined Penn's faculty that year as an assistant professor, teaching undergraduate and graduate music theorists and composers until his retirement in 1979. He also held teaching positions at the Curtis Institute of Music and at Princeton, and founded the music theory program at The New School of Music, now part of Temple's Esther Boyer College of Music. He developed a harmonic system called "syntonality" that he felt would open up new expressive paths to musicians.

(From the University of Pennsylvania Almanac Vol. 50, no. 13)