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MP3 listening excerpts

Preludes and Dances
for solo cello 1992 (13')

Prelude II (1:24)

Dance II (1:13)

David Eggar, cello

prem. 12/8/96, Catholic Center, Washington Square, NYC.

The Dutch Muse
for solo piano 1998 (9')

Crazy Babbette (1:34)

Maria Rose, piano

prem. 6/16/98, Adelphi Univ.; other perfs.12/6/98 NYU Student Union; 3/26/03, Merkin Hall, NYC.

Heartbreaker for solo tenor saxophone 2001 (5:43)

Heartbreaker (:59)

Mark Engebretson, tenor saxophone

prem. 4/9/01, SUNY at Fredonia; other perfs. 12/17/01, Long Island University; 5/1/02 & 5/3/02 Ohio State at Youngstown; 5/9/02, Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn; 4/12/03, Concordia College, Moorhead, MN; 7/9/03, World Saxophone Congress, Minneapolis.

Pan and Selene for piano and flute 1997 (5')

Pan & Selene (1:14)

Jayn Rosenfeld, flute
Christopher Oldfather, piano

prem. 4/4/02, NYU.

Hymn to Pan for piano, flute and oboe 1997 (24')

Hymn to Pan "Panic" (:51)

Jayn Rosenfeld, flute
Marcia Butler, oboe
Margaret Kampmeier, piano

prem. 5/6/97, NYU Student Union.


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